Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Trust the Man (2005)

Considering the cost of making and marketing movies nowadays, it is remarkable that so many flops reach the public, and not just from the so-called Indie sector. Until I noticed this film in the late-night schedules, I had never heard of it -- despite its starry cast -- and it had not even been shown previously on the not too fussy subscription film channels.

It stars Julianne Moore and was written for her by her husband, the director Bart Freundlich, but frankly it was not much of a gift. She plays the stage actress wife of David Duchovny who has given up the world of advertising to become a house-husband. Being something of a sex addict -- not too far a stretch if the tabloids are to be believed -- he begins an affair with a divorcee whom he meets at their kids' school, thus jeopardising his already shaky marriage. Meanwhile Moore's immature brother, Billy Crudup, who is in a long-term relationship with broody Maggie Gyllenhaal, shies from commitment. The plain truth is that one doesn't really care about any of these people and the film lacks both humour and warmth. The contrived happy ending feels like just that and nothing more. This talkfest was not some low-budget effort since there were throwaway parts for Eva Mendes, Gary Shandling, James Le Gros, and an uncredited Bob Balaban, but one can't help regretting that the talent on display were not better served.
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