Saturday, 28 February 2009

Only God Sees Me (1998)

A new French-language film channel called CineMoi (clever name) started broadcasting this week and anything which puts a further selection of movies at my disposal is always warmly welcomed. It is due to be encrypted into a subscription channel in April, but I shall treat it as a "taster" in the interim to decide if it is worth the cost -- although I suspect even now that I will succumb. They are only showing three films a day plus the occasional short and the first week's offerings have been strong on well-known flicks like "Jules et Jim" and the Three Colours trilogy, but there is an encouraging sprinkling of movies which are completely unknown to me -- although I think I can live without watching some of the downbeat "kitchen-sink" type grimfests.

This film originally known as "Dieu seul me voit" is a collaboration between director Bruno Podalydes and his writer-actor brother Denis P, neither of whom I could have told you about last week, although I did recognise Denis from other films. He plays an insecure, somewhat unattractive and balding film sound engineer, who hasn't had much luck with the ladies, but who suddenly finds himself desired by three dishy females -- a left-wing bloodbank nurse with a string of ex-lovers, the oversexed ditzy girlfriend of his best friend, and a controversial and intellectual film director. One was rather put in mind of Woody Allen finding himself the love object of an unlikely string of leading ladies in some of his films, but despite the occasional small smile, there was little of Allen's trademark wise-cracking here. French comedies are seldom all-out ha-ha funny, but the situations in which our feckless hero found himself made the film an entertaining and undemanding watch before -- like so many French flicks -- it just stopped without any satisfying conclusion.

Never mind; if this channel continues to produce enough new taste thrills for my jaded palette, it should prove well worth the cost.
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