Friday, 31 July 2009

The Love Guru (2008)

Just when did Mike Myers stop being funny -- assuming he was ever funny in the first place. While he probably deserves his funnyman rep from Saturday Night Live and other stand-up gigs, his success as a film actor makes me wonder. The two Wayne's World movies have their moments. The three Austin Powers films were just about tolerable, if increasingly stupid. He was fine as the voice of Shrek, but the less said about his Cat in the Hat the better. In this self-penned effort, I seriously think that he is about the only one who still believes that he is amusing.

He plays a conceited and full-of-himself non-Indian self-styled guru, whose idea of a foreign-sounding greeting is "Mariska Hargitay", and whose main goals in life are to appear on Oprah and to overtake Deepak Chopra as the guru of choice. He would also like to get rid of the chastity belt that he has been forced to wear since adolescence. He is employed by dishy Canadian ice hockey team owner Jessica Alba and her manager Verne Troyer to get their disconsolate star player and his wife back together after she has taken up with rival player Justin Timberlake, nicknamed 'Le Coq' for obvious reasons. That is about the level of the potty humour in this movie with its punning Indian names churned out by the preening Myers. The whole shooting match reeks of desperation, with only the very occasional bit of slapstick on the ice rink raising the ghost of a smile.

I shudder to think what new horrors Mr. Myers will inflict upon us with his forthcoming remake of the Danny Kaye classic "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
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