Friday, 3 October 2008

Getting started

Just to get into the swing of things, here are a few random thoughts about some of the movies I've viewed in the last week -- and all I can say is that I hope things will look up:

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007): One of the last entries on my former journal reinforced my feelings about Adam Sandler and his puzzling popularity. OK, the man does take chances and can raise the occasional smile, but this farrago of two hetero chaps pretending to be married for insurance benefits was doomed from the start. Like his latest "Zohan", this ends in a plea for tolerance which is all very worthy, but funny (not).

Black Snake Moan (2006): While it has been an interesting exercise watching Christina Ricci grow up (and change shape!), her recent role choices leave much to be desired -- although I suspect she is not the easiest actress in the world to cast. Here she plays a nymphomaniac of sorts whom bible-thumper Samuel L. Jackson chains to his radiator in order to reform. Hmmm.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007): Not having been overly enthused by Cate Blanchett's first outing as Queen Elizabeth, I was hardly looking forward to more of the same in this second chapter. Admittedly the production is sumptuous and lovingly put together, but it was also ponderous and heavy going.

Close to Home (2005): I held out some hope for this Israeli film of two mismatched young female recruits in the army serving out their conscription, but was left wondering whether the movie had any real purpose, other than to drive home the authoritarian nature of army life and the hounding (or so it seemed) of Arab Israelis trying to go about their daily business.

Mr. Woodcock (2007): While I will admit that Billy Bob Thornton has some talent as both an actor and a writer, I find his onscreen persona more and more irritating. Here he plays a bullying physical education teacher who is about to wed the mother (Susan Sarandon) of a grownup victim of his venom, Sean William Scott, playing a now successful self-help author who is unable to help himself in the circumstances. Embarrassing and unpleasant all round.

I know, things can only get better...
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